RECIPE | #AIM Huevos a la Mexicana

And here we are again, another sopping wet Monday complete with stress and an erase of all the weekends’ relaxing glory. We’ll get through it, right? If I have one thing to look forward to this week, it’s the birthday of my love. I can’t wait to celebrate another year wiser with the most incredible man, and partner, a girl can have. But more to come on him in a few days – first, we must discuss this breakfast I made yesterday. What inspired me to make Homemade Tortillas, I’ll never know, but they were pretty dang tasty. 🙂 Continue reading


{ A little reminder of last Friday’s celebrations! }

Hi Friday! So, we meet again! And boy is it good to see you….

I have been battling a Spring cold this week, but powering through! It’s been tough as I have been working long hours, ie. until 8pm, but it feels so good to have made it to Friday! I’m looking forward to a low-key weekend in preparation for Mark’s birthday next week. I’m sure it’ll be a celebration for the masses. We have recently acquired an original Super Nintendo… so I’ll likely play some of that. And also catch up on Riverdale – kind of obsessed. OMG. I just realized that I’ll be having a 90’s weekend – Nintendo and Archie!! Just pass me a ring pop (pretty sure I have some stashed in my cupboard) and let me down an Orbitz… here I come 1990! Continue reading

RECIPE | Potato & Parsnip Tacos with Pickled Red Onions & Avocado Crema

I don’t know what’s happening these days but I have had a serious craving to tacos! Like really yummy, flavourful tacos! I’ve always wanted to attempt a potato taco, and we had some parsnips so I decided to combine the two, and what a great idea that was! These delicious vegetarian tacos, which you could also make vegan if you made sure your tacos shells were vegan, and eliminated the crema portion of the avocado, were just what the doctor ordered. Simple, quick, and easy. My absolute favourite way to cook! Continue reading

LIFESTYLE | #TravelTuesday | Fear of Flying

Look, I get it, flying isn’t the most comfortable to undergo. Your ability to control your surroundings is limited, you’re confined to a tiny little chair sitting beside someone who likely smells terrible, and the littlest bump will make you think you’re going down.

I know quite a few people who have a fear of flying – my forearm is the sole witness, as my friends’ dig their nails in during take-off and landing. I mean, I’ve even had my moments of not feeling completely at ease, myself, but after the countless flights, and discussion with those that have an innate fear of flying, I have come up with a few things you can do when you find yourself not feeling too happy sitting in that airplane seat…. Continue reading

RECIPE | BBQ’d Sesame Maple Sockeye Salmon

Happy Monday, and happy first day of Spring to everyone! I thought it was fitting that I was posting this recipe today, given that we just had our first weekend of warm sun, and it’s starting out to be a beautiful Monday as well. Some true Spring cleaning was had over the weekend, including a huge vegetable grocery shop! It’s protein and salads in my future – in preparation for the season and in order to have a solid detox of my system. We have been favouring the pasta, lately. 🙂 Continue reading