LIFESTYLE | 14 Kitchen Essentials

Good Morning! Happy Tuesday to everyone! I have recently had many people ask me about kitchen gadgets and essentials, and how to stock a kitchen for a beginner/intermediate home cook. So, I decided it was finally time to share with you my favourite and necessary items you’ll find in our kitchen. Given that both Mark and myself have been cooking for years, and at all sorts of levels, we more than likely have two, if not three, of a number of the things you’ll see in this post, but trust me, for the most part the extras are just taking up space in our apartment.

With that being said, here are the basics. If you have an inventory of these, you’ll be able to make just about anything in your kitchen, like a pro! Continue reading

RECIPE | Eggs Benedict with Mint & Arugula Pesto Hollandaise

Ok, so I feel as though you may have been hoping I was going to teach you how to make Hollandaise in this post, but I’m actually not…. My bf, Mark, made the Hollandaise in this recipe, and he makes it unlike anything I’ve ever seen…

It was actually one of those moments yesterday, where I thought he may have been crazy. He uses white wine instead of vinegar (or a gastrique), and unclarified butter instead of clarified butter. The man is crazy, but it worked like a HOT DAMN. This was likely the best Hollandaise I have ever had, but if I went ahead and gave you my recipe, it wouldn’t be right, because that’s not how this was made.

That being said, I have decided that Mark needs to share with us his recipe. So, whether he likes it or not (it’ll likely be not…), we’ll have him guest blog one day and share with us his methods – the real chef method – of how to make Hollandaise. And believe me – it was a million times easier than the way we are taught in culinary school. As for today, this Mint & Arugula Pesto Hollandaise will be made with, dare I say it, packaged Hollandaise – but you’ll get the idea of it.  Continue reading


{ My little weekend quick-start @ Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary }

I just can’t even exclaim how wonderful the past week and half have been. And now, we come to another Friday, and the sun is shining, and the events calendar is rather sparse. But that’s okay! We leave for our trip in less than two months, and the preparation, ie. shopping & exercise, are really at the forefront of my mind. So this weekend will be dedicated to working out and relaxation – so I can save up for the shopping… obviously. But first! A patio beverage this evening to celebrate the beautiful sunshine that Vancouver is being treated to today. Have a wonderful weekend! Continue reading