{ Feeling zen like Señor Frog }

Quite possibly the best Friday Faves, I’ll ever write. But why, you ask?

Because, as of 4pm PST, I’m on VACATION. That’s right. About 5 months in the making, and it’s finally here. This time, next week, we will be in the South of France – sunning ourselves in 35 degree heat – but first a little action in Amsterdam!

We don’t leave until Sunday, but we have quite the packed (pardon the pun) weekend before that. Our first Vancouver Canadians game together is tonight, and then some appointments tomorrow, lunch with Mme Marin, a little housewarming party, packing, and a kick-off date night at our favourite pizzeria – Via Tevere. I plan on posting a little bit while on vacation this year, but if that plan goes to the wayside because of potential nasty looks from a choice significant other, than just be sure to follow our adventures on IG: ally_in_moderation.

Have a fantastic weekend! See you on the flip-side! Continue reading

RECIPE | Re-Invented Caprese Salad

Guys. FOUR more days, and we’ll be on a jet plane. My excitement is way too real. I’m picking up my suitcase today, having my last workout tonight, and then the rest is history. So they say?

This salad that I’m sharing with you today, is my “what I have in the house” version of a Caprese Salad. It still resembles the Italian flag, right??? But the perfect salad for the first day of summer! Continue reading

LIFESTYLE | 5 Books to Read This Summer

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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a restful weekend. Our vacation packing/planning has already commenced. This is my last Monday at the office for three weeks! And I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I know it’s only been 10 months since the last time we were away for an extended period of time, but it feels like years. This week will be dedicated to preparations -which we all know if my favourite part. 😉

But first, take a look at some of the books I’ll be reading this summer. A few will even make it on our trip! Continue reading

RECIPE | Grilled Sourdough Panzanella Salad

Hola! Here we are on another fine Thursday in rainy Vancouver, and all I can dream about is grilled things. Yum! We are fortunate in that our BBQ is undercover – meaning that we can literally grill all-year-round. So much to the point that we were discussing last night how badly we need to clean our BBQ – even though we cleaned it no more than a month or so ago. I honestly don’t think we’ve used the oven, other than for toasting bread, in 4 months – ish. You know what though, I’m okay with that. Grilled things make me happy. And Grilled Sourdough Panzanella makes me even happier! 🙂 Continue reading

LIFESTYLE | The Versatile Blogger Award & Seven Facts About Me

Well this is another exciting Wednesday over here in the Pacific Northwest! I have been nominated as The Versatile Blogger by Nikki’s Talk! What a fun award to be nominated for! One thing is for certain, there are some awesome blogs out there, and to be even included in anything where you’re recognized is something of honor and excitement. So thank you Nikki! What is this award…. read on to find out more!  Continue reading