Friday Faves 25


August is over? Is this actually true? I am having some major issues believing that fall jackets, leather boots, and scarfs are going to be coming back into rotation soon. Am I really going to have to put away my summer clothes? I haven’t even worn my white jeans that much!  Continue reading

The Reasons I Work Out


While most people view working out as a way to help maintain or lose weight, I find that’s never been enough of a reason to keep me going back day in and day out. I find it’s much like going on a “diet”. I can hit the gym a couple times a week for a few months, and maybe shed a few pounds but what happens when I skip that weekend run or Wednesday night spin class, and get out of my routine? How long will it really take to get myself back into the habit when the only reason for it, is to lose or maintain my weight? And will I ever attain any sort of high stakes goal? Or will I just keep waffling back and forth 5 or 6 pounds?  Continue reading