Lifestyle | Spin Hair, Don’t Care

Sometimes you need to get that sweat in, but don’t have the time to do the whole nine to get yourself back to where you were in the morning! But what do you do? How do you make it look like you’ve taken an hour to get ready, when it was really just 5 minutes? Here are my quick tips to be fresh and ready to conquer anything…. with (or without) a shower… Continue reading

Recipe | Radicchio Salad with Warm Bacon & Dijon Vinaigrette

O.M.G. this salad is Radicchio-lous! My guy came up with that one, I can’t take credit… 🙂 But for real, this is like the salad for people who don’t like salads. And then obviously the best for people who do! I could have had this, and only this, for dinner, but then we pared it with Scaloppini and it was even better. We’ll come back to this salad over and over again – and I think you should too! Continue reading

Lifestyle | #TravelTuesday | Planning a Trip

Planning a vacation. I LOVE it. Almost a little too much, in a can’t-get-enough-of-it kind of way. But it can get away from me and our budget, so I need to be able to know how to reel it in. It is difficult to giveaway all of my secrets as each trip is unique and different. There are definitely more things to cover when booking a multi-national all-encompassing adventure, over a long weekend local trip, but here are the “Basic 6” – well, seven… if you include my overall must-do. Don’t worry… you’ll see 🙂 Continue reading

Recipe | Mushroom & Chick Pea Pasta with Nutty Pangrattato

And here we are at the beginning of another week! But this time with a cold 🙁 I’m going to assume this is the incubated cold that my guy passed to me when he was sick over Christmas. Let me tell you, it’s not ideal. But I’m going to keep optimistic that it doesn’t debilitate me, and I’m still able to work and be active. Cross your fingers for me!

But first, this “everything but the kitchen sink” pasta dish was a huge hit last week. The nutty pangrattato is the star, and perfect as a substitute for cheese, when you’re fresh out! Continue reading

Friday | Faves

{ Remember Summer? Guess what… it’s coming! }

2017 is a mover-and-shaker year. Let me repeat that… mover-AND-shaker. I feel that there is something so powerful about this year, already. My outlook is completely different than I have ever felt before. Typically during my January 30-day challenge, I’m regretting my choice the whole time, rather than enjoying it. And this year, I’m enjoying it? What??

We took the leap and booked our vacation this week. We’re headed to Amsterdam – where my beautiful Mama is from – before jetting down for a couple weeks in the South of France again, Nîmes! It was a bit pricier than we would have liked, but you know what… you only live once! And we’ll be in France for lavender season! I literally have “photo in lavender field in South of France” on my bucket list. TICK!

Perhaps I have too much energy for Friday, but that’s okay. It’s been an enlightening and uplifting week. And that’ll do that to you. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone! Continue reading