Recipe | Cauliflower Risotto


Happy Tuesday!

We’re currently in the midst of looking at planning a trip to Italy next year. So, naturally, my Italian cookery has reared it’s incredibly indulgent and delicious head. This cauliflower risotto took some inspiration from the only celebrity chef that I have ever aligned myself with, Jamie Oliver. His no limits, “why not toss some of this in there”, rustic attitude is who I see myself as, as a cook. I only wish I could one day have a farm, and cook my meals in among my chickens and goats – whom feed me and my family eggs and milk – and then I can make cheese with said milk – and then I can create delicious recipes with the food of my labour. Ok. But can that really happen? One day, right? One day. 🙂 Continue reading

Friday | Faves


{ Our jack-o-lantern attempts }

It has been one of those weeks that flew by, which is normally a good thing, but in this case it was packed with things to do and people to see, making is somewhat exhausting! So much so, that now, here we are at Friday and I’m so beat, I could curl up in my bed and not wake up until Sunday. Who else is feeling a weekend of house work and movie watching? Happy Friday! Continue reading

Lifestyle | Wednesday Wish List


Ok, so I am absolutely nesting right now. That chill in the air is making me insist on there being a warm environment to go home to. We did a full bedroom make-over on the weekend, complete with new sheets, pillows, and a duvet cover – as well as some new items for the bathroom & kitchen. Our apartment is definitely on the way to being a cozy fall/winter haven, and I get more excited each day knowing that I get to go home to it! 🙂

That said, there are many other things that are on my list, currently. Here are some of my top picks for this Wednesday Wish List. What’s on your list? Continue reading

Lifestyle | How to Make Yourself Happier in Minutes


Today is going to be a struggle. There is a bit of a snoring problem that happens between the hours of 10pm and 6:30am, that keeps me awake and counting the minutes left in my “sleep”. Last night was a particularly bad one, and terribly so as we got new pillows, sheets, and a duvet cover yesterday!

I am a terrible person without 8 hours of sleep in me, so today, I am using my fool-proof ways to keep myself happy and energized. I figured it was a good day to share the simple things I do, in order to make myself happier in minutes. Continue reading

Friday | Faves


{ Halloween fun at Fright Nights! }

There a lot of rain coming down here in the Pacific Northwest. We are in for a real treat this weekend. But for some reason, I’m not phased by it. I’m really looking forward to a little rainy day yoga, brunching, early bed times, and snuggling up under a duvet on the couch. At this particular moment, I truly cannot think of anything better. What are your plans for this stormy weekend? Here a few ideas, and a couple pictures to make you think of warmer, and drier, times. 🙂 Continue reading