{ Typical Amsterdam Photo }

Hey kids! Boy o’ boy am I excited to see the end of the week. I have been battling a migraine for 3 days now! And it’s pretty much the worst it has been, today. We had a busy weekend planned but I’ve decided I need to make sure this thing goes away, faster than it has been, so I’ve cancelled or postponed most of the things I had on my plate. It’ll be rest and relaxation – a little writing – and some good old-fashioned “me” time. 🙂

Oh, and maybe some online shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

What’s on the agenda for you this weekend? Continue reading

RECIPE | French Tomato, Sweet Onion & Chèvre Salad

When Mark and I head to France we really do embrace the Southern way of eating. Lunch is the biggest meal, by far – well, except maybe that 7 hour dinner we had one night – but that’s another story…. The typical Southern French lunch is complete with wine, grilled meat, salad, plain kettle chips, cheese, bread, fruit, and some sort of dessert – whether it be a Fougasse D’Aigues Mortes or cornettos. This is quite obviously followed by a mid-afternoon siesta. My favourite item on the menu has, and will always be, the salad. Tomatoes, fresh herbs, sweet onions, lots of garlic, Dijon, and delicious olive oil really make it shine. While we might not have access to the picture perfect quality of the ingredients you can expect in France, I have taken the liberty of giving you my rendition of our the typical Tomato, Sweet Onion, & Chèvre Salad. Continue reading

LIFESTYLE | Self-Love is the Best Love

Marching to the beat of my own drum has always come fairly naturally to me. Sure, I have moments when I think I could lose a pound or two, but in the end I typically brush it off, grab a celery stick instead of that bowl of ice cream, put on loose-fitting clothing, and move on with it. I’ve never been one to truly give a damn about what other people think of me. As long as I’m happy doing it (and it’s legal) then I’ll continue to embrace it. But, that’s not the same for everyone, and it should be (within moderation). Continue reading

RECIPE | Lightened Up Steak, Mushroom & Goat Cheese Hash

I can’t tell you how great it feels to be back. This weekend was simply the best. I got to see friends and family, and get back into my daily work-out regime. Taking a few weeks off, definitely took a toll on my body. My muscles are certainly aching today, but it feels great! I was also able to get back into cooking and recipe creating, and was so impressed with how this meal turned out, that I had to share it with you. I hope you re-create it for your next Sunday brunch. But definitely plan ahead, as it is even better when you use leftovers! Continue reading

FRIDAY | FAVES | Happy Bastille Day!

{ Magnificent purple garlic }

Wow, does it feel great to be back to my routine. I needed that vacation SO badly, but after a few weeks of complete vacation and relaxation, I’ll gladly embrace my daily life – because upon reflection over the past weeks, it ain’t half bad. It also helps, that we get to celebrate the national day of the country were we posted up for 10 days! So, without further adieu, Happy Bastille Day! Vive La France! And here are a few of my favourite photos from our trip that didn’t make it to Instagram. To catch up though, be sure to follow me @ally_in_moderation! Continue reading