LIFESTYLE | Black Friday x Indigo

Happy Black Friday, y’all! Out of all the deals going around, by far my favourite is the one going on over at my home grown Chapters Indigo! If you can’t find the time to do a little shopping today, don’t fret as they have some deals going on through the weekend! Check out some of my picks of nic-nac paddywacks below, and get the ins of what’s really going on, including a sneak peek of Cyber Monday deals… Continue reading

GUEST POST | Pumpkin Curry

hi friends,

this past sunday was about reflection, and rest. I committed to doing exactly what I felt like doing, in each moment. one of the things I was clear about not wanting to do, was face the grocery store. so instead, I decided to look in our fridge and pantry to see what I had, thumb through a few recipes, and quickly got inspired to build my own curry. and, it turned out to be one of the most delicious things I’ve ever made! Continue reading

RECIPE | Late Harvest Roasted Tomatoes & Pea Shoots with Burrata.

Believe it or not, up until a month ago, our friend with an organic apple farm was still harvesting his cherry/grape/heirloom tomatoes. I decided to take them, roast them up, just to pull all of that sweet goodness out of them, toss them with some pea shoots, and have a burrata party! And with the newly opened Bosa’s on Victoria Drive…. open 7 days a week (!)… you can too!

This meal and/or appetizer, paired with a red Sangiovese, or a white Vermentino just screams “come over for dinner, and eat my delicious food”, or “throw on some sweatpants, Netflix n’ chill”. Take your pick, but both sound fantastic to me.

Happy Monday! Continue reading

Guest Post | Everybody [is] Kung F(l)u Fighting.

dear ones,

as I sit here typing away in a cozy sweater, sipping on my homemade pumpkin spiced latte, watching the rain pouring down and the leaves blowing off the trees, I realize there is no mistaking it: fall is officially here! along with the changing leaves and pumpkin spiced everything, you’ve probably also noticed an increase in the sneezing and coughing around the office and a decrease in your colleagues’ attendance.  that’s right folks, it’s also officially #fluseason.  before you go running for the one litre bottle of hand sanitizer and a flu shot, I’m offering up some tips to help you keep your immune system up and/or fight off the plague if it strikes you down this year. and psssst: these tips can actually be used all year round! Continue reading