Food Review – Richmond Night Market – Richmond, BC

Night markets are something you nearly don’t come across as often as you should.  The last time I visited the Richmond Night Market was probably about 2 years ago, and was actually the first and only time I have been. That being said, it was amazing.  The food selection was in abundance and incredibly delicious.  Like, I’m talking angels taking a piss on your tongue, good.

Ok…. I might need to explain that one.  My Om Kees (Dutch uncle) had an expression he used to always say when something tasted really good “als een engeltje piest op mijn tong “.  Directly translated… well it means, tastes like an angel doing pee-pee on your tongue. Crazy Dutch, gotta love ’em. 🙂

Anyways so a good friend, Matt, and I went last night in hopes to gorge ourselves in essentially the best of Chinese street vendor food.  And boy did we succeed.  In all honesty though, I forgot how busy it can be.   The mass crowds started when we were still in our car.  It was bumper to bumper traffic for at least half an hour even getting to the parking.  I will make a suggestion to all actually planning on visiting, either take the Canada Line (skytrain) or stay away from No. 3 road.  It almost got to the point where we just about left the car on the side of the road (not in a parking spot) and hoofed it.. we decided that wouldn’t be the more popular plan though.  Once we got to the parking lot there were millions of spots still available, so I don’t know what the hold up was, really.

The market itself was even more crowded than the car line up waiting to get to it.  Luckily that didn’t seem to matter though as we were almost eating our fists, that’s how hungry we were.  Our first stop…. BBQ squid.  Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on how you look at it – my friend does not eat seafood, especially tentacles, but hey I definitely do.  Especially ones that are cooked perfectly, BBQ’d, and really spicy.  I warn, if you are not one for spice, I would opt for the just BBQ’d ones, not the spicy ones – it was almost too much for me to handle, and I LOVE spice. The beauty of night market though, things are relatively cheap.  This massive pile of squid was only $6, and was worth every penny.

Our next stop along the aisles of food vendors was another absolutely delicious feast.  We decided to try the meat on stick variety of street food that they offered.  I got two lamb and one steak, while my friend got a chicken, a pork, and a steak.  This was probably the best bang for the buck.  For 3 skewers we paid $6.25, and when I think about how much you’d pay for lamb souvlakia in a Greek restaurant (with rice, potatoes, and Greek salad), $15 – that was a damn good deal.  Think about it – rice, potatoes, and Greek salad cost NOTHING compared to meat.  Also, the flavour was ridiculously good.

The way it was served was great as well, it was easy to walk about with and contained it’s own garbage can.  Just be careful not to trip, you may skewer your face.  And that’s not pretty at all…..

We decided to be adventurous on our next tasting.  I saw a sign that said “rice roll” and the picture was something that look deep-fried and crispy.  I haven’t had anything deep-fried in probably 6 months so I got really excited, and thought it would be fun to try something new.  When we stepped up to order, the only options were “pan-fired”…. probably supposed to be “pan-fried”, and steamed.  My healthy side got the best of me, and we decided to go for the steamed variation.

It was a interesting concoction…. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was a “roll” more of a mush of
things together, put together with the “glue” of rice paper…. and if you didn’t use an abundance of sauces (which I’m not really opposed to) then it wouldn’t have any flavour.

Also, I think there were probably 3 pieces of pork in it…… I don’t remember how much this cost, but I don’t think it’s worth any cost of money. Cool texture, yes, but no not cool at all.

Next on our stop we decided to head for the noodle stand.  The Yaki Soba that we got was probably one of the best I have ever had.  There is something to say for a plate piled high with noodles for $4.50 that tastes ridiculously good.  Again, it was topped off with tons of sauces, but definitely worth it.  The only unfortunate part about having noodles, is that we were extremely full after.

Before heading over to the cheap goods/fake Fendi vendors I had to stop and grab some shrimp dumplings from the dim sum stand.  They are just the best.  Steamed and stacked with shrimp. Yum.

The rest of our experience was spent walking through the grounds looking at all the goods people had to offer.  Matt purchased an iPhone case for $5…. and it’s really nice. I was extremely jealous that mine cost six times more than that….

The lights were incredible, and the energy was high.  All in all I felt my Friday night cultural experience in Richmond was a great addition to was is certainly shaping up to a great weekend.  For a $1 admission, you can’t go wrong.

Happy Days!


*This experience was completely paid for out of my own pocket. The Richmond Night Market did not ask me to write this post/nor did they pay for any of my meal.  

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  1. Anonymous

    You can bargain with those vendors too, don’t forget (not the food vendors but the other ones). I once bought a cute fascinator at the Night Market …and spent fifteen minutes haggling with the guy to get a good price. Very fun!


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