Non-Dairy, No Added Sugar, Banana Ice Cream

So pretty much, this is genius. 

I’m actually more excited about the idea of having another answer to the age old question; “What do I do with old bananas?”, than I am about the non-dairy, no sugar added portion of this, or even the fact that I made ice cream without an ice cream machine.  I mean ya, you can make banana bread, or banana muffins, but what if you’re Celiac? Or don’t have eggs in the house? Or are just entirely head over heels sick of banana bread? 

Make. Ice. Cream.

Best part is, when your bananas start getting brown you throw them in the freezer to slow that process, so step one is essentially complete.  Your hands may get a little sticky peeling and cutting these bad boys up, but hey, nothing that a little soap and water can’t help.

No Fuss Banana Ice-Cream
Serves 8-10 ish, depending on who your roommates are and how much ice cream they eat! 
  • 6 – 7 ripe, frozen bananas – peeled and cut in 1/2, and 1/2 lengthwise


Cut the bananas, then place them on a cookie sheet, and put them back in the freezer for an hour or so to get them nice and frozen again. 

After an hour, dig out your blender (hopefully it’s a powerful one).  Dump the bananas in the blender, and buzz them until uniformly and completely smooth. 

**If you’re having problems getting the bananas going, add in a little unsweetened almond, or coconut milk.  If you don’t have any issues with milk products then use some skim milk.  Water will work too, but you’ll develop ice crystals so it will be more like an ice or sorbet, rather than an ice cream.

When you are satisfied with the texture, add in your flavourings, if using. Transfer to a Tupperware container with a tight-fitting lid.  If you want soft-serve, serve right away, but if you want it more frozen, place it in the freezer for at least 6 hours to overnight.

If you’re not a banana person, I’m sure this can be made with other frozen fruits, however, I have not tested it.  In the meantime, so that I don’t get nasty comments saying it didn’t work with other fruits, just add things to the banana base. 

Good things to add would be; cocoa powder, or melted chocolate (you could even make it swirl!!!). You could put in some peanut butter, or almond butter (this would be my choice). Or how about nuts, or chocolate chips? Or even some JAM! You could make banana and jam ice cream!

Sorry about my excitement there…..

Needless to say, the options are endless.


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3 thoughts on “Non-Dairy, No Added Sugar, Banana Ice Cream

  1. LT

    I am NOT a banana person. But this sounds so awesome…especially if the blender gets it nice and smooth. Peanut Butter and Banana Ice Cream sounds ah-mazing.

  2. AMT

    Considering LT is telling the truth about “not being a banana person” this is quite something to be saying this!!! I really got to try it!

  3. ATay

    How it blends up is ridiculous. It actually looks like freshly churned ice cream. I think the major point though is to make sure the banana pieces are frozen. And don’t put the peanut butter in until you have the consistency you want.

    It’s great.


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