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This may or may not be news to you, but I love spinning. It is by far my favourite form of work-out available. Sweating is addictive, and spinning makes you sweat, ergo; I’m addicted to spinning. There, I’ve said it.

Possibly one of my favourite things about my ClassPass is, I am able to try out the different spin studios that have popped up around Vancouver recently. ClassPass offers 5 spinning-only studios, all with a slightly altered style, and I’ve done the leg work; been to them all; and feel I am now able to give you a bit of a what’s what in the trendy world of Vancouver spinning. 

Spin Society Cycling Studio Inc. 

Can’t beat it. This is my ultimate. Fresh, vibrant, clean, modern; all great words to describe this space located in the old Cecil building on the downtown side of the Granville Bridge. Showers, shoes, towels, and “get fresh” products are all provided.  Quite possibly some of the most challenging spin classes I’ve ever taken, but made entirely better by the fabulous instructors coaching you through this rhythm-based work-out. Lucy, Bridgette or Brent are my go-to’s – but I cannot imagine the other instructors being any different. They currently have a great deal on right now; $100 for 30 days unlimited! So get your butt down there, and claim that deal! And don’t forget to mention my name! 

2015-04-22 12_53_44-Spin Society - Indoor Cycling Studio

Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary

Just as it says, this studio is a true sanctuary located on the outskirts of Gastown. Got there a bit early for your class? No prob. Head down to the oasis is the basement. Relax, calm yourself, but be prepared for a boost once you mount that bike. They offer anything from the ever-so-popular rhythm ride (Icon) to the true Cyclist for anyone attempting to improve their performance and test their endurance. One I’m super curious about is the Boxer – 30 minutes of spin & 30 minutes of kickboxing. That is definitely on my must-try list. 

2015-04-22 13_56_40-Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary (@eastwoodcycle) • Instagram photos and videos 2015-04-22 13_53_46-Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary (@eastwoodcycle) • Instagram photos and videos

Pulse Cycling Studio Limited

This fun little studio in the heart of Dunbar takes me back to my old stomping grounds, and is a welcome addition to my list of favourites. Try and grab a class with the studio owner, Danielle (maybe a familiar face for some), her dedication to spin is something to chat with her about, and all the motivation you need to get back to the bike on a day when you’re just not feeling it. 

2015-04-22 13_59_04-(1) Pulse Cycling Studio 2015-04-22 13_58_14-(1) Pulse Cycling Studio

Cadence Cycling

… or the Original – as I like to call it. This place knows what they are doing. And pretty much because they have been doing it for a while. This is  Vancouver’s first spinning-only studio, open in 2008, and still has an unbeatable flow to it. Located on the Fairview Slopes, be sure to catch a Saturday or Sunday class with Mike or Madison, then pop on over to the Farmer’s Apprentice (literally right beside the studio) for a energy replenishing brunch. Can you think of a better day?? 

2015-04-22 14_00_51-Cadence (@cadencevan) • Instagram photos and videos

2015-04-22 14_05_50-Vancouver spin _ spinning classes at Cadence Cycling Studio.

Cyklus Vancouver

You’ve definitely driven by this studio, but didn’t know it was there, just at the exit of Expo Boulevard by BC Place, this is by far the most “true cyclist” club in the city. With classes like “Go Fondo” and “Pure Ride”, you’re guaranteed to prep for that next bike race. And a true race it is. At Cyklus your bike is linked to an avatar. You are literally racing the rest of the class. And with your times emailed to you right after, you’re bound to find that inner competitor and strive to better yourself each and every time you hop on the bike. 

FullSizeRender (50) FullSizeRender (51)

Ride Cycle Club

.. Or the “Cool Kids Club” – as I like to call it. My original fave – this place truly got me to love spinning. This small space on the edge of Yaletown, is borderline a night club. And a welcome night club at that. Ever thought about burning 600 + calories on a Friday night? Well, here you can, and you can do it with your friends, dancing on a bike and singing along to your favourite tunes. I just only hope that one day they will become a part of ClassPass, so I can frequent the location again. I miss you Ride Cycle! 🙁 

2015-04-22 14_08_51-RIDE CYCLE CLUB (@ridecycleclub) • Instagram photos and videos 2015-04-22 14_08_13-RIDE CYCLE CLUB (@ridecycleclub) • Instagram photos and videos

So there it is, my low-down on spinning in Vancouver. With these places popping up like spring flowers all around our beautiful city, I cannot wait to see what kind of feel the next place has to offer! 

What are some of your favourite spin studios in Vancouver? 



*Feature image @ Spin Society from IG: @ally_in_moderation*

**All studio images from the respective company website or social media account**

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