The Perfect Rainy Day Picnic

Recently I had an article published in Bon Vivant magazine. The article was about “The Perfect Picnic”. Last night, as the rain was gracing Vancouver with its presence, I realized that one thing I forgot to add in my article was the fact that picnic are not just for warms days, sitting in the sun. You can have a brilliant picnic in the comfort of your own living room.

Here’s how….

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Requirements of the Perfect Rainy Day Picnic

  1. Plenty of fresh Heirloom tomatoes. If they are picked from your garden – even better. Cut into wedges and slices – or left whole depending on their size.
  2. A few giant Kosher dill pickles – sliced.
  3. A selection of cured meats – here we had Spicy Genoa and a Peppered Salami.
  4. Incredibly delicious cheese – this was a Pecorino Romano that was cut from the block that morning – super floral, super herbaceous.
  5. And you can never have enough fresh basil to top the whole thing off.
  6. Don’t forget to season your platter with good coarse salt (or Fleur de Sel from Vancouver Island Salt Company), freshly ground black pepper, and a nice drizzle of great quality Italian extra virgin olive oil.
  7. Grab a bottle, or two (who’s judging), of a big bold red wine.
  8. Pick your favourite movie.
  9. Snuggle up with that special someone – or something (totally okay if it’s a pet).
  10. Take a deep breathe, have a good sip of wine, and consume (the entire plate).


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See. The Perfect Picnic. Rainy day style. 🙂 




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