#AllinModerationTravels – Parque Tayrona, Colombia

{ The beautiful beach front at Cañaveral, Parque Tayrona }

Our last and final destination on our Colombian adventure took us to Parque Tayrona – a protected area in the northern Caribbean region. With the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range in the background – the place we had just hiked through – and the approximately 12 square miles of Caribbean Sea in the foreground, this place was just what the doctor ordered for two extremely exhausted trekkers looking for peace and relaxation.

We had made a bit of a goof on our trek – in that we had continued on with the 5-day group, when we were supposed to be in the 6-day group – meaning we didn’t have a guaranteed place to stay upon our return from the Ciudad Perdida. Oops! Luckily our lovely guide, Javier from Turcol Tours, was able to help us out and find us a lovely eco-lodge, Hotel Jasayma Parque Tayrona. At that point, we would’ve been happy anywhere there was a shower, but this place was more than beautiful – decently priced – with free WIFI – dinner – breakfast – and all in all simply a great place to rest your head, and acclimate to surrounding area outside of the jungle we had just trekked through. We spent the afternoon drinking wine, playing crib, and reaching out to our relatives and loved ones to let them know we had survived the Ciudad Perdida. Bed was early, and the sleep was incredible. 

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{ Our jungle kitten at Jasayma }

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{ Our thatched roof at Jasayma }

We awoke at the crack of dawn to the jungle sounds echoing through our eco-lodge. Sleeping under a thatched roof with no walls is something of experience in itself. Absolutely beautiful to watch the Hummingbirds build a nest in your room from underneath a mosquito net. Not even a word of sarcasm. It’s very peaceful. 

We aired out our sweet smelling clothing…. HA! Had some breakfast, packed up and headed to the Eco-Habs, in Cañaveral – where we would spend our last two days.


{ Eco-Habs Parque Tayrona, what an incredible view }


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{ As happy as a clam to be spending the last few days here… }

A very civilized place – the habitacions perched up on a hill with a full-service beach in the front, where we spent our day swimming, eating ceviché, drinking cervezas, and reading our books. We then headed up to our hab, and continued our afternoon swinging back and forth in our hammocks overlooking the Caribbean. It was a difficult life we were living at this point. 

This, unfortunately, was where we had stomach issues. Not sure if it was the ceviché, or the fact that we were out of our probiotics, but we were both having a tough go of it by this point. Dinner was quick and light. We retreated to our room quite quickly in order to rest. 

The mornings at the Eco Habs were the best part. Watching the sunrise over the ocean, with a coffee, and the comfort of a swinging hammock is something I could get used to very easily.

After having a few cups of Colombia’s finest and a light breakfast, we walked down the road to meet a few horses. We traveled through the jungle to Arrecifes on horseback, and walked the rest of the way to Cabo San Juan de Guia. In Cabo, we were greeted to some of the most beautiful waters I have ever seen. Perfect swimming and lovely people watching. We stayed for a 45 minutes or so, and continued to La Piscina for more swimming. We had planned to find a place to eat but alas were unsuccessful. The signage was a bit confusing in this area, therefore we decided it was best to find our way back the horses, and back to the Eco-Habs for lunch.

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{ Cabo San Juan de Guia }

 More Limonada de Coco’s – more cervezas – and more sandwiches — yes, unfortunately due to our stomach issues, these were all we ate for the rest of the trip. Hey, there is nothing wrong with Colombian jamon y queso sandwiches… 🙂 

All in all, our last couple days in Colombia were spent in 100% relax-o mode. We saw what we needed to see in Parque Tayrona, and believe me it was beautiful, but the best part of it was how well it lent itself to our idea for finishing off our vacation. I haven’t enjoyed a hammock more than in Parque Tayrona.

Well that’s it, friends. It’s back to the real world. But I will never forget the experience and adventure we had in Colombia. It will be difficult to top, and I will absolutely go back to check out what the rest of the country has to offer. 

A HUGE thank you to my sister – by far my favourite travelling companion – you are absolutely incredible. Thank you to Bryan our wonderful travel guru who put the whole trip together, from Goway Travel. And I cannot say it enough thank you Colombia – you are just awesome! 

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{ Ciao Colombia! }



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