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So I’m starting something new. My manfriend and I have been cooking for so long I think we take it for granted that we know what is in season, and when. But recently, I’ve been made aware of that, and with that, I give you my May Edition of what to buy! 🙂

Citrus is waving goodbye at the door, as are some of the cool weather crops like cabbage. Berries will start to pop up at affordable prices – we just got a HUGE clam-shell of delicious strawberries for $4.99 at Safeway (of all places!) – so keep you eyes open for that. Growing seasons obviously do vary around the Globe, but my suggestions here at a good jumping off point. If you’re wary, head over to your local farmers’ market, and see what’s on their tables. 



Incredibly earthy – delicious fresh, roasted, steamed, BBQ’d. Multiple varieties, the traditional red, candy cane, and golden. I appreciate beets so much but are definitely something of an acquired taste. Try the pickled – you’ll be an instant lover. 

Check out some of these recipes to showcase your beets; 



There is no chance you can think of Spring, and not think of Asparagus. They are actually synonymous. Try it raw and shaved into a salad, or roasted on the BBQ (my favourite). 

Check out some of these recipes to showcase your asparagus;



I think it’s safe to say we eat close to 4 or 5 avocados a week. The nice thing about them at this time of year, is they are all flesh, and very little seed! Avocado toast is almost impossible to beat, but they are also perfect additions to anything Mexican, and a great source of healthy fats for anything green. 

Check out some of these recipes to showcase your avocados – there are literally too many of my favourites to list here…. search avocados in the search field, and pick your favourites. 




Another go-to staple for our household. Broccoli is totally irresistable once roasted, but completely desirable raw or slightly blanched as well. Garlic, ginger, and other bold flavours really make this mini-tree sing. 

Check out some of these recipes to showcase your broccoli;



A few years back this white brain-like vegetable popped up on the trend scale, but in truth this Brassica has been good for you since the dawn of time. Roast it, rice it, eat it raw. You’ll never be disappointed with Cauliflower, until you leave it in the garbage…ok, perhaps that’s just me, but I cannot stand the smell of day-later Cauliflower…

Check out some of these recipes to showcase your cauliflower;




I love radishes! Raw with a bit of sea salt, chopped up and crunchy in a salad, pickled, ROASTED – you name it. They are possibly one of my favourite things that comes out of the ground. 

Check out some of these recipes to showcase your radishes;

There are a few more veggies that you’ll see cruising around your farmers’ markets. May is a great time to make pesto‘s with the pretty awesome herbs, and kale, that you’ll see making the circuit. Check back in June to see what’s on the fresh menu! 



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