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If you’re living in the Vancouver area, the start of June is definitely here. Rain. After our typical dreary couple of day, I think it is best to put this fresh sheet out now, in anticipation for the over 30 degree weekend we have ahead of us. June is favourite, as far as produce goes, for me. Blueberries and strawberries are finally coming back into season, so quite a bit of u-pick will be going on for us this month! But there are a few other favourites that will pop up on your farmers market stands…


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Given the global climate change that is taking place (yes, it IS taking place – just walk outside…), Avocados are popping up at all times of year. June is just a month where it almost just feels more acceptable to eat them every day. Avocados’ favourite pairings are citrus and bright herbs – I know I certainly appreciate those accompaniments when the weather turns warmer. How about you? 

Check out some of these recipes to showcase your avocados – there are literally too many of my favourites to list here…. search avocados in the search field, and pick your favourites. 



Blueberries not only are a super fruit, but they’re also packed with flavour. Not too sweet, so just perfect to add to any savory component, but also naturally beautiful in a breakfast or dessert. I know I’m going to try to make a Blueberry BBQ Sauce this June, what about you? 

Check out some of these recipes to showcase your blueberries;



We’re talkin’ local here. Like, you grab a tub, and head out into the sun drenched fields to pick your own damn strawberries. There really is nothing better. If you’re local – Westham Island is where it’s at. Google it. You’ll be there in no time. And if you’re going this Sunday – we’ll see you there!!

Check out some of these recipes to showcase your strawberries (with more to come!);

Green Beans


Green Beans, Haricots Verts, whatever you want to call them. I grew up with these things, thinking they were the end all be all, but mostly because my Mother is completely infatuated with them, and we had them 4 nights a week! Nevertheless, as with most times when you overeat something, I did not lose my love for them, and more than likely love them even more now! 

Check out some of these recipes to showcase your green beans;

Greens & Herbs


You should see our garden. I honestly can’t even see the soil anymore – it’s just littered with greens and herbs. Time to start pruning and trimming, and eating way too many salads for two people to eat. I CANNOT wait to show you all of the fun things you can make with those delicious greens and herbs. 

Check out some of these recipes to showcase your greens and herbs;


Mangoes and Rhubarb will definitely float your boat this month too. I will post a few recipes pertaining to those fun additions throughout June. So check back to see how to tackle them! See you in July! 🙂 




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