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{ An BC interior trip, Kelowna 2015 }

Hi Friends! We have a holiday up here in Canada tomorrow, so my Friday Faves is really a Thursday Thrills this week… And what a thrilling week it has been. I had the pleasure of watching the victory of a very questionable candidate for President, and work a heck of a lot of overtime. Needless to say, our getaway to Penticton to see my parents new house cannot come at a better time.

My sister, BF and I have been “hired” to stock their wine cellar, and have put up zero to no protest. The itinerary is set, and we’ll be well on our way early, early tomorrow morning. I cannot wait to tour my BF around the destination where my father grew up, and many of my childhood memories lie. This day cannot go by fast enough. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!


{ Poplar Grove Winery, circa 2014 }


{ Penticton circa 2014 }

Look forward to a “Wineries to Visit in Penticton/Naramata, BC” post in the near future! 



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