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{ Another beauty sunset over Lake Okanagan }

So I’m going to try and stay positive in this post, however do know that it is really difficult considering I’ve decided to take after my mother even more, and am dealing with the worst back spasm of my life 🙁

But what a week is has been! Valentine’s Day and the Vancouver International Wine Festival, and all in a “short” week as we had BC Family Day on Monday. Boy, am I ready for the weekend. Seriously looking forward to a bath and a good movie tonight, a quick jaunt to the VIWF tomorrow, and then I’m going to force myself to have a quiet Sunday. The nice thing is, after this weekend, I have nothing on the schedule except for movie nights until the 28th! And trust me, I’m going to keep it that way until our vacation in June…. LOL – I wish…. 🙂 Happy Friday!

{ Have you tried this recipe yet? If not, plan it for Sunday! }

{ A quick tour of Chute Lake over the past weekend. Absolutely beautiful! }

{ The charcuterie spread at the Vancouver International Wine Festival’s opening night! }

{ Typical guests on the highway in BC }

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