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Happy Valentine’s Day to all you wonderful humans out there! I hope you spend the day loving yourself first, and then those who warm your heart. You are all loved, don’t ever forget that. 🙂

I thought I would switch it up a bit today, and give you all a taste of the things that I love, and make me happy, no matter what day of the year it is. Oh, and also, a quick recipe for my homemade (Hard) Lemon Iced Tea!

  1. I love rice (& soy sauce). My mama called me a “rice monster” as a child. I couldn’t get enough of the stuff. But I also couldn’t get enough of it being drowned in soy sauce. And that’s still the case today – but now it’s reduced sodium soy sauce, because, you know, I need to care about things like that. 
  2. I love fresh flowers. (But hate them on Valentine’s Day). Mark and I have a rule – no flowers on V-day AND no flowers as an apology – but any other time of year is fair game. And one I welcome wholeheartedly. 
  3. I love odd numbers. The television volume, dates in the month, the number of items I make in a recipe – you name it. Odd numbers are where it’s at. Some may call this an homage to my OCD or perfectionism – but I prefer not to call it that – naturally. 
  4. I love my eyes. I like that they change colour from a deep green to a turquoise blue. Dependent on what I’m wearing and what eye make-up I’ve selected to try out. 
  5. I love my family. I love how close we are. It’s no secret that my sister is my best friend, and I adore my parents.  Family is everything, and I’m incredibly grateful to have grown up in such a special setting. 

(Hard) Lemon Iced Tea

Makes 1 L


  • 5 Cream of Earl Grey tea bags, or the equivalent of your favourite black tea bags or loose leaves
  • 1 L water
  • 1 lemon, thinly sliced
  • Sugar, optional to sweeten
  • 1 oz. bourbon, optional


Bring a litre of water to a boil in a sauce pan. Turn off the heat and add in the tea bags. Steep for the recommended about of time, typically 3 – 5 minutes. Remove bags and pour tea into a jug or pitcher, preferably glass. Add lemons to the jug, reserving a few slices for garnish. Place in the fridge to chill. 

To make the cocktail, add an ounce of bourbon to a glass, top with ice, and lemon iced tea. Sweeten with sugar, optional, and garnish with a few lemon slices. Enjoy responsibly. 

What do you love? 




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