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Oh, Airbnb, that beautiful earth-shaking company. If it wasn’t for this fantastic opportunity you wouldn’t be spending a night in a foreign city in your very own unit for peanuts. And for that we say, thank you Airbnb. If you want to not only save money, but travel as a local by staying in a locals’ humble abode, then this program is for you.

But there are a few things to keep in mind before you go forth and virtually swipe that credit card.

ONE // If you aren’t signed up to Airbnb yet, click here, and you’ll get $50 CAD off your first night! You can thank me later. ?

TWO // Does it have everything you need? Wifi? The whole house? A kitchen you can make food in? These are all filterable items, and the first thing I adjust when in a new search.

THREE // Location. Check the map. I like to Google Map first, and then zero in on the preferred area in Airbnb. If you zoom in, it will only show the available properties in that area.

FOUR // Check the reviews. They are there for a reason. Be wary of “overly-enthusiastic” reviews. Click on the reviewer profile, and see if they have reviewed anything else. Are they just submitting random reviews or have they stayed at the property before? Photos not matching the description, and difficulty contacting the owner, are all not ideal things you want to read about.

Get $50 CAD off your first night by clicking right here.





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