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There is something to be said about doing activities on your own. Forging for your own right, and moving through life to your own beat. While I thoroughly enjoy, and perhaps prefer, sharing experiences with the people I love, I also appreciate taking moments for myself. Being proud to stand on my own two feet, and finding some excitement and allure in being alone.

With societal norms telling us to pair up and find your match, it’s nice to ignore the chatter, take a step back to realize that being comfortable in your own skin is the first step to conquer, before sharing your life with someone else. In this world we’ve created, it is soul-soothing to sit in a café silently sipping a cup of coffee, finding a park bench and people watching, or, goodness gracious, baking a cake on a Saturday and eating the whole damn thing by yourself. Allowing the pleasure of taking yourself out on a date, is a key requirement to maintaining our freedom and overall happiness.

If you’re that person who needs a book while eating alone at a restaurant, or pulls out your iPhone the first moment you find yourself solo in public, give one of these a try.

Go for a Drive. Hop in your car and head for the hills. Requirements: make sure your gas tank is full, and you give a heads-up to a loved one of which direction you’re headed and an estimated time of return.

Re-read a good book/old blog/journal entries. Cracking into my mementos allows my mind to absorb each day before it’s too late and I’ve forgotten to cherish it. Requirement: have a full bottle of something red and alcoholic on hand. And a tissue box. There may be tears.

Grab your camera and go for a walk around your neighborhood. Things appear when you least expect it – you never know what might appear when you allow yourself to find it.

Watch the sunrise from a new vantage point. The hills are looking pretty welcoming in this post, and you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish when you wake up before dawn. 

Cook. Do a little search of recipes on this blog, or any of the countless others out there in the blogsphere. Find something great, and cook the c**p out of it. Requirement: the bottle of wine previously mentioned will do just fine here too.

Paint, colour, draw, sketch. Sure, you may not be good at it, but you’d be surprised how relaxing it is, no matter the outcome.

Travel alone. I would sound like a broken record if I explained this one more – but you can find some great deals on getaways, that are fit for the solo traveler. 

Eat alone. Whether in a restaurant or at home. No TV. No iPhones. No books. Just sit at a table and eat. Requirement: the friggin’ bottle of wine.

Make a cup of tea, snuggle into your bed and write. What about? How great those sheets feel? How relaxed you are? Write a list of what you’re going to do this year? Any-damn-thing you want. If a nap rounds this one out, then so be it. 

Put yourself out there. Socialize alone, network alone. Go to an event alone. And speak to people you don’t know. Requirement: perhaps a glass of wine could help, but don’t become belligerent. That won’t be pretty.

Birthday Suit. Shed the clothes ladies and gents. Do these home solo-activities, as previously mentioned, naked. Why the heck not? But I repeat, the HOME solo-activities. I would prefer not to be sanctioned for promoting indecent exposure on my blog….

{ Photo credit: @linzed4 }

Doing things alone that are relaxing and spirit-lifting, do not require electronics. Don’t let the fear of being alone hold you back from doing the things you love.



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