{ Full on vacation-mode, heading up to Tour Magne for a picnic! }

Guys. Guess what. It’s FRIDAY! YAY!! What’s another great week it has been. It sure makes a difference when you aren’t exhausted from the previous weekend. 🙂

I am super excited because I get a rare Saturday AND Sunday with Mark! And we don’t have too much on the calendar, other than a little dinner and bowling with my sis and our dear friend. I’m looking forward to some sleep-ins, pampering, and quality time with my love. But first! I had an incredible dream last night about our upcoming trip, and thought I would share a few images that haven’t been seen from last years’ France vacation, courtesy of Lindsey Taylor (IG: @linzed4 <– follow her, she’s fantastic). Have a wonderful weekend! 

{ Breakfast at Les Halles }

{ Breakfast, lunch, and dinner @ Les Halles }

I am more than thrilled that I get to go back this year. I am almost emotional about how much I love Nîmes! But I’ll do a full post about it soon, so don’t worry, you can be emotional too! 🙂 

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