{ A little reminder of last Friday’s celebrations! }

Hi Friday! So, we meet again! And boy is it good to see you….

I have been battling a Spring cold this week, but powering through! It’s been tough as I have been working long hours, ie. until 8pm, but it feels so good to have made it to Friday! I’m looking forward to a low-key weekend in preparation for Mark’s birthday next week. I’m sure it’ll be a celebration for the masses. We have recently acquired an original Super Nintendo… so I’ll likely play some of that. And also catch up on Riverdale – kind of obsessed. OMG. I just realized that I’ll be having a 90’s weekend – Nintendo and Archie!! Just pass me a ring pop (pretty sure I have some stashed in my cupboard) and let me down an Orbitz… here I come 1990!

{ She’s not supposed to be here… can you tell? Also, that elastic was off the table, shortly after this photo was taken… }

{ Try these delicious tacos this weekend! }

{ Spring means fresh flowers! }

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope you have a good one!  


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