{ Sizing up the wall art in Steveston, BC }

Hey Friday, you’re looking pretty sexy today! I can’t wait to try you on for size, post 7pm. But I must get my sweat on at a lovely yoga class prior to that, and combat this mess of a day even before that. So, just cool your jets, Friday, you aren’t that great yet… 🙂

But seriously – very excited that Friday is upon us. I cannot wait for some wonderful birthday celebrations this weekend. I makes me feel very blessed to know that I have two of my favourite people in the world to shower with birthday love in back to back weeks. Once Mark’s celebrations are over, I gear up for my beautiful sisters! What a great couple weeks! Have a wicked weekend everyone!

{ Thank you Gray Malin for these wonderful iPhone background you sent my email this morning! }

{ Mr. Fisherman in the middle of a pond }

{ This guy in all his pre-birthday glory. I love our day-dates in Steveston! }


Happy Friday to everyone! What were some of your favourites this week??

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