LIFESTYLE | #TravelTuesday | 5 Tips for Stress-Free Travel

The last thing you want is for your trip to start off with added stress. Flying in general gives quite a few people the heebie-jeebies, so why let the inner workings of the airport exacerbate that? With these 5 tips, you’ll breeze through the airport without an influx of grey hair.

 Check in 24-Hours Before Your Flight

Since this was a thing, I don’t think there has been a flight where I have waited to check-in at the airport. Not only do you not have to wait in the check-in line-up, you also get to choose your seat without having to pay to reserve it.

Check-in online, print your baggage tags at the kiosk, jump to the baggage drop line, drop your baggage. Simple as that.

Download the Airline App

I typically delete them after my trip, but they’re fantastic for up-to-date flight information, which can give you the upper hand if you need to re-book a flight or make other arrangements.

Pick the Right Line

Apparently there has been some research done on this, and the right side is typically heavy. Shoot for the left hand line, if at all possible. Also, try to stay away from a multitude of security agents – that usually means someone is in training, and every item that goes through the x-ray will be stopped.

Dress Well

This really means, style and comfort, when it comes to airport attire. No lace up shoes, this will lead to frustration going through security after removing your shoes. And I like to be sure I have stretchy fabrics on – hello, @lululemon – and something warm to cozy up in should there be any sort of delay in my flight.

Passport Wallet

People. Invest in one. I have been using the same one since my early teens, and it can’t remember a time without it. These things hold your passport, and tickets, and any essential travel items in one safe spot. Here are some great ones here, here, and here.


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