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You likely are going to get tired of how many times I say this, but make lists. When you travel, make a list – when you have a busy weekend filled with errands, make a list – when you want to remember fantastic baby names, make a list. I make lists, more often than not, and I LOVE checking off items when they are complete. The items in this post are the first things I put on my list when I travel. I never leave home without them.

  1. Blanket Scarf

It is freezing on planes, we all know this, and I’ve heard a gut-wrenching tale that those blankets they hand out have been re-used. YIKES! A blanket scarf is perfect, you can wear it at your destination, and you can keep yourself warm with it on the plane! I love this, and this!

  1. Headphones

Similar to the reason above, I cannot bring myself to borrow earphones from an airline, NOR, purchase ones when I have about 4 pairs at home from all the Apple products we own. They are usually in my bag from my commute, but I still list them as if I don’t, they will be forgotten. I will also add a word or two about noise-cancelling headphones, here. They work. They actually work. This brand is fantastic.

  1. Tablet/iPhone/eReader

I mean, you wouldn’t leave your house without your phone, but I like to have some sort of electronic. If Mark and I are travelling together, we would bring the iPad for added entertainment. If I’m solo, my phone and in-flight entertainment will do the trick. But this eReader is fantastic too (and on sale!).

  1. Portable battery charger

You never know how long you’ll be on the tarmac, or what sort of delays will be had. Running out of battery on your electronics could be the worst thing that could happen when travelling. These portable battery chargers are darn awesome. I outfitted my family with them for Christmas! This is my preference, here.

  1. Dry shampoo

I need a blow-dryer or hair straightener to style my hair fresh out of the shower. If I’m in a European country and don’t have the adapter this can be difficult. We typically end our trips at the apartment in Nîmes, and there IS a straightener there, so if I can dry shampoo it for a few days, then I’m in the clear! My go-to is here, but I’ve heard great things about this one too!

  1. Water bottle

I fill this up after security, and finish it off before arriving at my destination. Being hydrated helps with jet leg, and it also holds a 750 mL bottle of wine – so those picnics in the park are made that much better. It’s this one for the win, every time.

What’s on your travel essentials list? Comment below!

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