{ My little weekend quick-start @ Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary }

I just can’t even exclaim how wonderful the past week and half have been. And now, we come to another Friday, and the sun is shining, and the events calendar is rather sparse. But that’s okay! We leave for our trip in less than two months, and the preparation, ie. shopping & exercise, are really at the forefront of my mind. So this weekend will be dedicated to working out and relaxation – so I can save up for the shopping… obviously. But first! A patio beverage this evening to celebrate the beautiful sunshine that Vancouver is being treated to today. Have a wonderful weekend!

{ A quick little jaunt to check out the new breweries in Squamish last weekend. Pictured: A-Frame Brewing }

{ A garlic stuffed leg of lamb for Easter dinner. Done right. On the charcoal. }

{ You must try this perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. It’s definitely a good weekend treat! }

{ Possibly the best grilled cheese I’ve ever made. And no,it’s not burnt. That’s Pumpernickel! }

Any plans for the weekend!? 

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