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Good Morning! Happy Tuesday to everyone! I have recently had many people ask me about kitchen gadgets and essentials, and how to stock a kitchen for a beginner/intermediate home cook. So, I decided it was finally time to share with you my favourite and necessary items you’ll find in our kitchen. Given that both Mark and myself have been cooking for years, and at all sorts of levels, we more than likely have two, if not three, of a number of the things you’ll see in this post, but trust me, for the most part the extras are just taking up space in our apartment.

With that being said, here are the basics. If you have an inventory of these, you’ll be able to make just about anything in your kitchen, like a pro!

  1. The best knife known to man. And to ensure it stays razor sharp, pick up a Diamond steel (NOT a honing steel) – you want to sharpen it, not straighten the blade. 
  2. Pyrex liquid measure.
  3. A salad spinner.
  4. A baking sheet.
  5. A pots and pans set
  6. A couple simple tongs
  7. My butcher boyfriend swears by this meat thermometer.
  8. A set of pretty kitchen towels
  9. A colander
  10. A rubber spatula
  11. A wire whisk
  12. The best vegetable peeler
  13. The best paring knife. Actually though – we have two…. 
  14. A bamboo cutting board

And there you have it. We actually have ALL of these items in our kitchen, and most that I’ve linked to are the exact product that we swear by. While some may seem a bit pricey, my theory on that is, if they are a little more budget offensive, they likely have a lifetime warranty. Why waste your money on something you’ll have to replace in a few years? 

Happy Cooking in your newly stocked kitchen!! 

Do you think I missed anything? Is there something you can’t live without in your kitchen? Let me know in the comments section below! 

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