LIFESTYLE | Spring Cleaning For The Mind

We all know what Spring Cleaning is – a purge of your closet, a deep-scrub of your apartment, a soapy attack on your refrigerator – but have you ever considered spring cleaning your mind?

With each season comes a moment of re-evaluating what we need and what we’re ready to let go of. The change of weather becomes almost a natural break that brings new opportunities, and a moment to reflect on what’s going on inside the body. What has built up over the winter, and what scars may need some mending.

I love approaching a new season with a positive outlook, knowing that those items that didn’t serve me well, can be let go, and I now have a chance for re-birth. Here are a few ways that I spring clean my soul.

1 Write it down… and then burn it 

Well maybe don’t actually burn it, but do discard of the evidence. Some of us are visual people, we need to actually see what it is we want out of our system, in order to actually realize it. Think of what you’d like to discard from your mind, write it down, and then destroy it. 

2 Start small

There may be a million things that you want to change, but don’t try and do it all at once. Honestly, that will just make you feel worse about yourself. Don’t allow yourself to feel overwhelmed by this process – it should be liberating rather than debilitating. Start with one thing, be rid of it, and then may return to the scene of the crime to see if there is anything else you would like to be rid of. 

3. Meditate

This doesn’t necessary mean turn on some incense, turn off the lights, put on some spiritual music and chant – this could be going for run, or cooking dinner, or folding laundry. While completing these repetitive tasks, keep repeating to yourself what you are wanting to let go of, or nurture more of. Repeating something over and over again, will only help make it a habit. 

4 Give it time

Nothing ever happens overnight. The only sure thing is that if you truly want this change, you may have it by the next season change, and can then focus on something else you want to release. 

Start with one intention to clean some part of your soul, breath and try to release it. With time that intention could become a reality, and that is the true beauty of spring cleaning. 

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