LIFESTYLE | #TravelTuesday | Southern France Packing List

OMG. Is our vacation here yet? I simply don’t think I can wait another month and a half. But that said, I can dream about outfit inspiration and put together my packing list, so that’s a plus. For me, the planning and packing process is almost as good as the trip itself. There is something so relaxing to me about preparing to the point of over-preparing. The last thing my anxious mind needs is forgetting to pack an important item. And packing for Southern France, is almost like packing for the Queen. You can make a real statement there without looking too over-the-top. So without further adieu, here are my picks for a Southern France Packing List.

| 1. Black Scalloped Edged Maillot (my dream suit) | 2. Blue & Beige Straw Hat | 3. Turquoise Natural Stone Earrings | 4. Blue Striped Cotton Jumpsuit | 5. Two-Toned Flat Espadrilles | 6. Straw-Bottomed Blue & Beige Tote (perfect for the beach or pool-side) | 7. Rose Gold & Silver Over-Sized Watch | 8. Lace-Up Wedges | 9. Dainty Diamond Ear Crawlers | 10. Tie-Up Bikini Top (great with ANY bottoms) | 11. Flamingo Pool Floatie | 12. Blue & Yellow Silk Scarf | 13. Light-Weight Sunglasses |

Oh wow, that sun is really calling my name today. I’d like to go to sleep tonight, and wake up on the morning of June 25th, please…. 🙂 

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