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We regiment ourselves to “losing weight” or busting our asses at the gym for that beach body to take with us on vacation, but when we actually get there, it’s surprising how natural it is to “gain weight” or completely forget that it’s always good to treat your body like a temple. I’m not saying that I’m the best at staying healthy on vacation, as I too indulge a little too much from time to time, but I can appreciate that there are a few things that I do to keep myself in check. Easy, simple things, that don’t require you to stay sober, nor say no to the delicious food that you’re bound to come across whilst abroad. Here are my tips for only gaining 2 pounds, rather than 5 pounds, while on vacation. 🙂

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  • Eat before the airport. Airport/plane food is gross. Not to mention damn expensive if you’re not flying international, nor business class. Save those calories, and nickels, for a cocktail. You’ll sleep better for it.
  • Watch out for jetleg. Stay hydrated people. Resist that urge to snack at the crack of dawn, and wait for regular meal times. Grab a piece of fruit, or some nuts, if you need something.
  • Save room for treats. Don’t deprive yourself of that macaron, or cannelé – like seriously, are you kidding me. Have the treat. When do you ever get those at home??
  • Stay regular. I mean food, here people. Keep the amount you eat relatively consistent. With all that jet leg, and dehydration, you’ll balloon up like a kids birthday party. 
  • Visit farmer’s markets. They’re everywhere. You’ll be eating fresh and local fruits and vegetables in no-time. 
  • Make your own meals. With Airbnb’s being all the rage, you have access to your own kitchen. Visit that farmer’s market, grab some delicious fresh ingredients, and make yourself some wicked food. Again, you’ll save a pretty nickel here too… 
  • Walk or bike. All. Around. Town. Even if you’re in the mood for a winery tour, there are plenty of bike tours for that. Or simply grab a pair of good walking shoes, and discover the city. It’s literally my favourite thing to do. 
  • Take the stairs. This should really be a life-mantra. But, for real, if you can, use them. 
  • Stay active. Even if you’re beaching it up. Grab a Frisbee or paddle boards, or whatever. Take a sip of Rosé, and then knock the ball around for a few minutes. Rinse, and repeat.
  • Free your mind. Put the email away. Get the most out of your time off. You’ll feel a heck of a lot more rejuvenated when it’s over, and more prepared to face the real world. 

There you have it, from food to mind/body, my tips for staying healthy while on vacation. 

{ Photo credit: @linzed4 }

How do you stay healthy on vacation? Let me know in the comments below! 



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