{ Feeling zen like Señor Frog }

Quite possibly the best Friday Faves, I’ll ever write. But why, you ask?

Because, as of 4pm PST, I’m on VACATION. That’s right. About 5 months in the making, and it’s finally here. This time, next week, we will be in the South of France – sunning ourselves in 35 degree heat – but first a little action in Amsterdam!

We don’t leave until Sunday, but we have quite the packed (pardon the pun) weekend before that. Our first Vancouver Canadians game together is tonight, and then some appointments tomorrow, lunch with Mme Marin, a little housewarming party, packing, and a kick-off date night at our favourite pizzeria – Via Tevere. I plan on posting a little bit while on vacation this year, but if that plan goes to the wayside because of potential nasty looks from a choice significant other, than just be sure to follow our adventures on IG: ally_in_moderation.

Have a fantastic weekend! See you on the flip-side!

{ Our neighbours peony buds }

{ Zen like wine in a over-sized soaker tub }

{ My first tester from @influenster & @revloncanada }

{ No idea what this tree is, but it’s pretty }


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One thought on “FRIDAY | FAVES

  1. Astrid

    Great post!!! Didn’t realize you’d taken the soaker tub pix – great shot!!
    I can imagine your excitement right now!! Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!!!!


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