{ L’ail, pain et citron – S. of France staples }

Does it get you guys super excited to see my Friday Faves? ‘Cuz I know it sure gets me thrilled to type out “Friday”!

The beginning of the week started fairly slowly – I was STILL waking up with a minor headache, but I kicked that as of Wednesday, and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. We’ve got a packed one this weekend – dinners with friends, foraging, crumble making, fabric picking – all the good stuff that you want packed into your days off.

Tonight, we start with a little celebration for the man of my dreams – something that I’ll let you all in on over the coming weeks. Happy Friday!

{ Under the trees }

{ Aperitif Al Fresco }

{ Missing the massive trays of oysters in Southern France }

What fun things are you getting up to this weekend? Comment below! 

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