FRIDAY | FAVES | Happy Bastille Day!

{ Magnificent purple garlic }

Wow, does it feel great to be back to my routine. I needed that vacation SO badly, but after a few weeks of complete vacation and relaxation, I’ll gladly embrace my daily life – because upon reflection over the past weeks, it ain’t half bad. It also helps, that we get to celebrate the national day of the country were we posted up for 10 days! So, without further adieu, Happy Bastille Day! Vive La France! And here are a few of my favourite photos from our trip that didn’t make it to Instagram. To catch up though, be sure to follow me @ally_in_moderation!

{ This guy in his Bitterballen, Kaas & Amstel element }

{ Our own beer taps at Bierfabriek! }

{ Obligatory Amsterdam picture }

{ When you’re in charge of bringing Telline to 4-2-1 in Nîmes! }

{ The dinner that never ended… Course 1 = BBQ’d Eel, Garden Fresh Tomato & Basil Salad, Mache Salad, & BBQ’d Razor Clams }

Don’t fret kids, there are plenty more where this came from! Happy Friday! 

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