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Marching to the beat of my own drum has always come fairly naturally to me. Sure, I have moments when I think I could lose a pound or two, but in the end I typically brush it off, grab a celery stick instead of that bowl of ice cream, put on loose-fitting clothing, and move on with it. I’ve never been one to truly give a damn about what other people think of me. As long as I’m happy doing it (and it’s legal) then I’ll continue to embrace it. But, that’s not the same for everyone, and it should be (within moderation).

For me self-love and confidence coincide. When I feel good about myself, I also exude more confidence and step out of my comfort zone. I feel like now it’s more harder than ever to love yourself fully. It’s a challenge to not get caught up in the wonderful world of social media, and doubt your self-worth. I follow quite a few bloggers who have made a huge mark and generate a large income. I have had moments of comparing and questioning whether my content is good enough, but instead of feeling down, I’ve decided to be proud of my efforts and just work harder to learn and improve where I can. Each day is a new day. You never know what life will throw at you, and if you’re having a tough time loving yourself and being confident, you may miss the opportunities. 

Here is my personal prescription for self-love:

  1. Comparison is a killer. Do not compare. Don’t even think about it. What’s the point? Everyone is different. Sure, look up to others – as a motivational technique – but don’t ever bring yourself down. 
  2. Be mindful. Decipher the messages that flash through your mind. Are they negative? If they are – trying re-wording them into a positive. When you’re focused on your internal voice, you’ll begin to eliminate others perception of you. Which leads me to….
  3. Positive affirmations. If you’re unable to internalize these, write them down. Stick them up on your bathroom mirror, and whisper them to yourself every time you see them. They’ll fuel your mind, and set the tone for the day. 
  4. Take care of yourself. This is not selfish. You are no use to anyone, if you are not taking care of yourself.  Exercise, mediate, get enough sleep, eat good food – all of the good stuff. Take this time for yourself each and every day. 
  5. Eliminate triggers. If you work on the above, you’ll likely find you have triggers in your life that bring in those dark negative clouds. Get rid of them. How are they helping you grow into the person you want to be? Life is too short to immerse yourself in a toxic environment. 
  6. Forgive yourself. We are our own worst critics. We’re not perfect, and we’re not supposed to be perfect. We make mistakes, sometimes HUGE ones, but use these as opportunities to grow. Be gentle with yourself. 
  7. Fall in love with yourself first. Finding someone to love, will never work if you cannot love yourself first. Embrace who you are. Learn to love who you are. When you have unconditional love for yourself, those around you can sense it. No relationship can stand the test of time on an incomplete foundation. 

With all this being said, the message I hope to pass to you is that everyone has things that they might not like about themselves, but those things are beautiful too. If everyone was identical, it would be a pretty darn boring place. Try not to let those insecurities dampen your outlook on yourself – embrace them, and be proud of everything that you are. ‘Cuz I think you’re pretty sweet. <3

Now, share 3 things you love about yourself. I’ll start:

1) I love my loud laugh.

2) I love my big a**.

3) I love my freckles.




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2 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE | Self-Love is the Best Love

  1. LB

    First off, love this post! You hit the nail on the head girly!

    Okay, here goes! I love my long eyelashes, my compassion and care for others, and my sense of humor!


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