{ Frankie the Doodle deep in thought @ Trout Lake Park }

It’s been a tough week for me, emotionally. While, I’ve been trying to keep it together, I have definitely found stress has been seeping out of me. We had a lovely picnic with my family, and a beautiful wedding shower with some great friends, but through it all I still felt something was plaguing me. I’m going to take the weekend to figure out what’s bugging me, have myself a lovely massage tomorrow, and hope that releases whatever tension I have bottled up inside. So with that, I’m dedicating this Friday Fave to the thing that easily kept me smiling this week, my new niece, Frankie the Doodle.

PS, if you haven’t already, be sure to follow the lil’ pupper on IG, here.

{ The snuggle-rific luscious fur of Frankie the Doodle }

{ Cleaning up for the Nan & Pop-Pop’s visit }

{ Ma, stop taking photos of me…. you’re embarrassing me!! }

{ I like when there are treats in my baby blue Kong! }

You’re welcome. 

Happy Friday! 

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