LIFESTYLE | End of Summer Checklist

Hola kids! I cannot believe it already September this week. August felt like it went WAY too quickly. I don’t hate the idea that sweater season is coming, but I do get a little disappointed when I see the sun going down at 8pm! 🙁 I wanted to share with you my End of Summer Checklist today, in hopes that it will inspire you to get your butt off the couch and fit in all the good things late summer has to offer.

{ Still good…. 🙂 }


  • Gipsy Kings @ Summer Nights Concert Series…
  • Attend the Trout Lake Farmer’s Market – shhhh… I haven’t been this year yet….
  • Swim in the Pacific…. shhh, I haven’t done this yet this summer….
  • More picnics…. we had two last week, and loved them – definitely want to have a few more before we no longer can. 
  • Purge/clean the apartment. I’ve become a little more complacent than normal with my house chores this summer. Truth. And it’s disgraceful 🙁
  • Make a Penticton Peach Cobbler (or Crumble) – I’m not fussy.

Hope you’re all enjoying your final days of summer, and have an amazing Labour Day Weekend planned out! What else do you need to accomplish before the summer is over? Comment below! xox

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