{ waiting for the weekend, like…. }

Hi, Friday! How the heck are ya? This week has flown by, but I am not one bit upset about that. This weekend is going to be dedicated to puppies, recipe-testing, paella, and fresh hop beer tasting. Is anyone else super excited about Fresh Hop Season? If you’re in the Vancouver area, so far, our favourite has to be the Fresh Hop Harvest IPA, at Off the Rail Brewing – but guess what (!?) – they’re coming out with FOUR varieties this weekend. And you know, who’s going to be first in line! Have a great weekend, everyone!

So, last week we had the pleasure of puppy sitting my niece. Here are a few of the photos I snapped. She’s simply too photogenic. 

{ Frankie’s early morning, “where’s the bone-man” stance. }

{ Sometimes, she simply doesn’t want her photo taken… }

{ That’s one happy pooch… }

{ You can tell how much she likes her photo taken, right? }

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