{ Les Jardins de la Fontaine }

Alright, so this Friday Faves is going to be dedicated to the days when I wasn’t sick and feeling sorry for myself. The days when we were in the South of France, living some of our best days. The days when it wasn’t pouring rain outside, rather it was 35 degrees Celsius, with zero chance of crappy weather. The days when I didn’t stay up well into the early hours of the morning coughing up a lung, only to then realize we actually did have cough syrup with codeine, and then wake up super groggy because I haven’t slept off the codeine. Ya, those days. This is going to be a great Friday.

I would say, “have a great weekend”, but I won’t because I’m bitter like that. 😉

{ Just a few cheeses on our obligatory picnic to la Tour Magne }

{ A few more fruits of our labour }

{ Rosie enjoying an evening swim }

{ La Maison Carrée – our view each and every time }

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