LIFESTYLE | My Fall Wardrobe.

It is getting about time that I put my sandals away, and pull out those heavy over-sized sweaters. Is anybody with me? If you are, check out some of my closet staples for the impending colder season. Cozy and warm are the name of the game, and how beautiful is this mauve colour for autumn? I’m into it, and I’m sure you will be too!

  1. Highwaisted jeans with a little flare, and some simple rips, here
  2. Crystals. A simple crystal choker, here
  3. These black block-heel velour booties, here
  4. I love the detail of this sweater, here
  5. Mauve, I told you! These hoop drop earrings, here
  6. A vegan leather jacket with a waterfall collar, here
  7. More mauve, more velour. So fantastic. Here
  8. How comfy does this sweater look! Here
  9. I really need to up my hat game. This one is perfect, here
  10. Pretty little pink and gold studs, here
  11. Ugh, I would throw a temper tantrum for these shoes, if it were appropriate. HERE
  12. Kinda rounded, kinda cat eye sunnies, here
  13. I could wrap myself in this EVERY day. Here

There’s something so satisfying about fall/autumn shopping. Just knowing that when the mail comes and you open that box, you’ll be head-first into classic comfort….. *

*Clicks purchase on checkout, realizing she’s now broke… 


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2 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE | My Fall Wardrobe.

  1. LT

    Ugh… that back detail sweater in the moss colour… is no longer in my size. I’m trying to convince myself that’s a good thing. But mostly I’m just sad…


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