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Hey AIM’ers! I hope you’re doing well on this fine Wednesday. I know I haven’t posted any fun recipes lately, and am pretty well lagging on that front, but it’s been an interesting couple of weeks.

I always find I have a bit of a struggle getting back into gear after my birthday. I need some time to reflect on the year I have left behind, and plan for my year ahead. I typically recipe test on weekends, but this past weekend decided I need a little brain break to charge my batteries, and gear up for the new season, and year 32.

With all that being said, being creative (and blogging, in general) can be a bit of a draining activity. Especially when you’re committed to posting 5 days a week (or more, like some of my fellow bloggers out there). It’s easy to loose that motivation, and some times difficult to find the inspiration to keep you ticking. I’ve always wanted this platform to be inspiring for others, and if I’m not inspired, what good am I to post anything? So, I decided today is my turning point, and I wanted to share with you the things that inspire me to jump back on the good foot, and do good things for myself, and those that surround me.

  1. The changing of the seasons. How can this not be inspiration. The world is shedding its leaves, changing colour, and having a renaissance of incredible beauty. This is nature at its best, and the innate instinct in me, can always find something to grasp onto at the beginning of the season that will typically get me most of the way through it. It’s also wonderful to see the new bounty that appears at the markets. The next couple months will be about root vegetables, hard orchard fruits, and comfort food. That is incredible inspiration for me to open up and be creative.
  2. My family. This really goes without saying. They’re brilliant, caring, supportive, and only want what’s best for me. If they believe I can do anything, then why can’t I do anything?
  3. My friends. Almost exactly the same as #2, but with the addition that we chose each other as confidants. Out of all the people in the world, we decided that we wanted to lean on each other when times get tough. There’s something pretty special about that.
  4. My soulmate. What can I say, I don’t typically talk about him (nor do I think I have ever announced on my blog that he’s my soulmate. I guess there’s a first for everything) but my goodness, I don’t know if I could find lasting inspiration if it wasn’t for him. He has this uncanny ability to force me to let loose and stop letting myself get so bottled up inside. It would be a heck of a lot more difficult if I didn’t have him to bounce ideas off of, or cook with, or share a few laughs.
  5. My fellow bloggers. Respect. The utmost respect for all of you out there. It takes time, energy, and dedication, and each and every one of you helps me find my way.
  6. My own craving to push my boundaries. I simply cannot be complacent. It’s not possible. While I can take a break every so often, I crave the busy life. I need to feel like I deserve that glass of wine at the end of a day. Even if that’s simply running errands, or doing chores around the house; that wine tastes that much sweeter, when I endure the hustle bustle.

So, there you have it, what inspires me. Is there anything you want to add? Comment below. And don’t worry, I have tons of recipes up my sleeves for you, and some really fun Thanksgiving things on the agenda. Stay tuned!

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