{ My little niece is growing up… first @bcferries ride! }

This week has been quite the doozy. My day job kicked my a**, and my body is still recovering from that horrific cold of weeks’ passed. Today, I finally woke up feeling like I could take a deep breath without coughing up a lung, so that’s a plus! So, given that this week was so (!) busy, I’m giving myself a HUGE pat on the back, because I made it. AND I made it to a long weekend. I simply cannot wait to have my pre-turkey work out tonight, and then spend the weekend preparing for Thanksgiving dinners, spending time with family, and just letting go of everything and anything stressful to ensure I enjoy myself. 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

{ Ah, the life of a toddler. So curious! photo cred: @linzed4 }

{ Saltspring Island Apple Festival on Harry’s Organic Apple Farm! photo cred: @linzed4 }

{ Of course we visited SSI Ales, duh! photo cred: @linzed4}

The Salt Spring Island Apple Festival bring visitors from far and wide, to sample some 400 varieties of apples. We headed over last weekend in support of Mme Marin’s partner, Harry Burton. Harry is an organic apple farmer, and one to certainly be reckoned with. The passion behind Apple Luscious Organic Orchard is palpable. If you ever find yourself kicking around SSI, pop on in to the orchard and have a sample of some of the best apples you will ever taste. I cannot wait to cook with them this weekend! 

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