{ Les Jardins de la Fontaine }

Alright, so this Friday Faves is going to be dedicated to the days when I wasn’t sick and feeling sorry for myself. The days when we were in the South of France, living some of our best days. The days when it wasn’t pouring rain outside, rather it was 35 degrees Celsius, with zero chance of crappy weather. The days when I didn’t stay up well into the early hours of the morning coughing up a lung, only to then realize we actually did have cough syrup with codeine, and then wake up super groggy because I haven’t slept off the codeine. Ya, those days. This is going to be a great Friday.

I would say, “have a great weekend”, but I won’t because I’m bitter like that. 😉 Continue reading

LIFESTYLE | My Fall Wardrobe.

It is getting about time that I put my sandals away, and pull out those heavy over-sized sweaters. Is anybody with me? If you are, check out some of my closet staples for the impending colder season. Cozy and warm are the name of the game, and how beautiful is this mauve colour for autumn? I’m into it, and I’m sure you will be too! Continue reading

RECIPE | Pumpkin Alfredo with Sage & Grana Padano.

I’ve always been a bit hesitant of using pumpkin in everything, but thought an Alfredo-style sauce would have been a good place for it. To be honest though, I’m not sure. And typically I wouldn’t post anything I wasn’t sure about, but I’m wanting to do an experiment. I want YOU to be the judge. Make this recipe, and report back. Do(n’t) you like it? What do(n’t) you like about it? Is it missing something? For my taste buds, I think I know what it’s missing, but it still has some good flavour.

Comment below, send me a note through my contact page, or reach out on Instagram. Can’t wait to see how this experiment goes!

Happy Tuesday! Continue reading


{ waiting for the weekend, like…. }

Hi, Friday! How the heck are ya? This week has flown by, but I am not one bit upset about that. This weekend is going to be dedicated to puppies, recipe-testing, paella, and fresh hop beer tasting. Is anyone else super excited about Fresh Hop Season? If you’re in the Vancouver area, so far, our favourite has to be the Fresh Hop Harvest IPA, at Off the Rail Brewing – but guess what (!?) – they’re coming out with FOUR varieties this weekend. And you know, who’s going to be first in line! Have a great weekend, everyone! Continue reading