RECIPE | Mediterranean Grilled Cauliflower Salad

We’re getting down to the wire, kids! August is here. Already? But, I want summer and barbecue season to last forever! Let’s take advantage of it while we can. This salad is one for the books, and you can eat it all year long! When the BBQ gets put away just crack up the oven, and roast these bad boys for a very similar flavour profile. Delish! Continue reading


{ A smokey nighttime sail with great friends }

Happy Thursday kids! Yes, I do know it’s not Friday – but it kind of is for me, so I figured I would post this today. I’m taking F-M off of blogging to celebrate beautiful British Columbia! We have a provincial long weekend coming up, and I’m going to enjoy it with my family up in hot and sunny Penticton.

I simply cannot wait! We have acquired a suckling pig to roast on a BBQ spit, and will also find plenty of time for wineries, delicious lunches, and some much needed lake floats and jet skis. This day cannot go by fast enough. Keep your eyes peeled to IG (@ally_in_moderation), I’ll be posting all weekend. Have fun and be safe out there! xo Continue reading

RECIPE | Arugula Pesto Pasta Salad

I have a few friends that can attest to this, but I had a massive craving for Pasta Salad earlier this week. So, I made one. I used my go-to Arugula Pesto recipe with a few minor changes, and as many veggies as I could. The lack of dairy in this recipe, makes it a no-brainer for your summer picnics! Continue reading

RECIPE | Summer Blackberry Clafoutis

So, if you follow me on IG (@ally_in_moderation), you’ll likely have seen a story from my sister and I foraging for blackberries last Friday! This is the recipe that manifested from the fruits of our labour. It is based on Julia Child’s Cherry Clafoutis, just with more fruit, and blackberries, not cherries, but it’s fantastic. And if you’re looking for a quick, easy, no-chance-of-screwing-up dessert for a summer dinner party – look no further! YUM! Continue reading


{ L’ail, pain et citron – S. of France staples }

Does it get you guys super excited to see my Friday Faves? ‘Cuz I know it sure gets me thrilled to type out “Friday”!

The beginning of the week started fairly slowly – I was STILL waking up with a minor headache, but I kicked that as of Wednesday, and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. We’ve got a packed one this weekend – dinners with friends, foraging, crumble making, fabric picking – all the good stuff that you want packed into your days off.

Tonight, we start with a little celebration for the man of my dreams – something that I’ll let you all in on over the coming weeks. Happy Friday! Continue reading