LIFESTYLE | My Summer Reading List

{ first of all, this is Rosie – she lives in the South of France – she likes to read with us }

Our recent vacation sprung about a invigoration of reading. Mark and I simply cannot get enough. There’s something so relaxing about sipping a glass of wine on the patio with a good book in hand. It’s absolutely the perfect way to get some rays without actually realizing that you’ve wasted your day away. But it’s the summer, so kudos! Now that I’ve finished Julia Child’s, My Life in France – PS SO GOOD! – I can now focus on my favourite kind of novels; mysteries and thrillers! Here is my list for fantastic summer reading. Continue reading

RECIPE | Grilled Mushroom Salad with Herbs & Pecorino Romano

I can’t tell you how lovely this salad turned out. It was one of those, “hmmm, we have a grab bag of wild mushrooms, in the middle of summer, what should we do…” type of recipes. And it was fantastic. I know some people are quite squeamish about mushrooms, but nice, hearty, meaty mushrooms, grilled on the BBQ are simply delicious. Put that with some fresh ingredients, and you have a beautiful little accompaniment to a delicious steak, or spatch-cock chicken. If that doesn’t say summer dinner, then I don’t know what will. Continue reading

LIFESTYLE | 5 Time Management Tips

It seems like a fantastic time to post this. Not everyone knows but I have a full-time job, and I run this blog. While it would be so awesome to focus solely on building this blog and my brand, it unfortunately does not pay the bills quite yet. That being said, I’m kind of loving my job right now, and keep getting thrown new and exciting things to add to my repertoire. So, time management really is key. I can’t allow work to take up all of my time, as I have relationships and partnerships to uphold as well. And it’s because of all of the above that I have come up with a few time management tips that I wanted to share with you. If you find yourself losing track of time, take a peek below, perhaps I have something that may help with that. Continue reading

RECIPE | Spaghetti all’Amatriciana

I’m going to wager a bet that this sauce becomes your go-to for the perfect pasta night. I know it did with us! We had been given the idea by a few new Italian friends – and boy o’ boy are we happy we met them! Simple and basic, yet incredibly flavourful, rustic, and fantastically Italian. Some keys to remember – don’t skimp on the good stuff – go for good quality Passata or canned tomatoes (San Marzano are great!), pancetta, and Pecorino Romano. Fresh Pecorino, not the pre-grated stuff that’s so easy to get wrapped up in. If you take your time with great ingredients, the recipe will come together a heck of a lot quicker – and with less adjustments! Buon appetito Monday, I’m sure you’ll be loving me after trying this recipe! Continue reading


{ Typical Amsterdam Photo }

Hey kids! Boy o’ boy am I excited to see the end of the week. I have been battling a migraine for 3 days now! And it’s pretty much the worst it has been, today. We had a busy weekend planned but I’ve decided I need to make sure this thing goes away, faster than it has been, so I’ve cancelled or postponed most of the things I had on my plate. It’ll be rest and relaxation – a little writing – and some good old-fashioned “me” time. 🙂

Oh, and maybe some online shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

What’s on the agenda for you this weekend? Continue reading